BIKE CHECK Hope Technology HB130 | Hazzard Racing Spec


Mountain Bike
Joe Barnes from Hazard Racing has released a great video taking us through the specification of the new Hope Technology HB130 bike that he'll be using this season. Along with some great riding shots, Joe explains what the bike is all about, which kit he has chosen and even some details on some special custom items!

With 29 x 2.40 Magic Mary Ultra Soft compound up front and 27.5 x 2.40 Magic Mary Soft compound out back, Joe is a big advocate of the mullet setup. We've reached out to Joe to see if he's equally a fan of the namesake hairstyle, but at the time of writing we have yet to receive any confirmation or denial.

Take a look at the video 🎬

Words: Tim Ward | Video: Ferg & Fiona | Images Joe