Explore your Boundaries - A Markus Stitz and Mark Beaumont short film highlighting the joys of winter cycling around Scotland’s Capital

With travel limited and a good covering of snow on the ground, Markus Stitz along with fellow Edinburgh based bikepacker and adventure cyclist Mark Beaumont decided to stay local. During a cold and wintery January and February 2021, Markus and Mark created a series of new route that all stayed within the local authority boundary of the City of Edinburgh; the limit permitted by the Covid 19 regulations prevailing in Scotland at the time. The video of their adventure is embedded below or watch on YouTube  https://youtu.be/wCRG8-cEP50  The press release below also provides additional background information. Press Release With a new film Edinburgh-based Markus Stitz and Mark Beaumont encourage more people to enjoy winter cycling in the future. Filmed on a newly created gravel bike route, which follows the local authority boundary of the City of Edinburgh, and additional locations close to the Scottish Capital during January and February 2021, ‘ Explore your Boundaries ’ is a short document

DREAM BUILD EMTB - Vitus E-Sommet - Rob Warner

I guess most folks would think that Rob Warner already has his dream bike, if not several. Well, just in case there was any doubt, he has now and here's the evidence thanks to Gee Milner https://youtu.be/Qe-QwHUXkfg

Words: Tim Ward - Schwalbe UK | Images and video: Gee Milner